happy (rainy) friday

this week went by SO fast! and i’ve been enjoying the rain – not only do we need it but it smells so fresh and clean when you walk outside. i love it. i love it especially today because i have the day off, and can sit in my pjs and stare at the rain from my window where i’m nice and dry.

i spent my evenings this week re-reading the entire hunger games trilogy, and can safely say i am even more of a fan than i was before. i get to see the movie in one week exactly, so i’m really really excited (understatement but i’m trying hard not to sound like a creepy 14 year old girl).

this weekend should be pretty relaxed, save for the inevitable madness that saturday night should bring to celebrate st. patrick’s day (really, this holiday should be banned from happening on the weekend – it just makes it so much more dangerous).

some photos from my week:

pig wanting food. standard.

lazy sunday re-reading the hunger games in bed.

belle in bed, under the sheets.

best day at work. ever.

my window garden getting some rain

new inspiration for cards.

hope you all have a great weekend! stay dry!



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