i L-O-V-E journals. i just love love love them. i love having a whole stack of nice paper bound together for me to make or write whatever i please with it. for me, there’s just something so tangible about a journal, something that writing an email or filling in a spreadsheet can’t do. i love hand-writing lists and notes and ideas and thoughts, somewhere where i know i can find it later (and not looking through my endless email account or desktop folders).

i love journals that are decorative and have beautiful, hand-made paper binding them. i have gone into all my jobs with decorative journals to take notes in, even though i have always felt a tinge of judgement from some of my more “professional” peers. i always thought it was exciting and refreshing to start a new job with a new journal!

where i work now lends perfectly to my love for paper and journals. it’s a constant struggle not to buy the newest journals we receive, from local san franciscan artists to designer name brands.

but i am trying to maximize and use up the journals i currently own before moving onto new ones. here’s a look at my current collection:

my mini weekly moleskin journal. this guys fits perfectly into my purse and i take it everywhere. it’s a very simple, black, soft cover moleskin and i just love it. the best part? it has a lined page opposite your days of the week for list making, random notes and extra events to write about.

this is my creative journal. i write down ideas for all sorts of things in this one. things that have nothing to do with bills or dentist appointments or work schedules. the only lists in this journal are for the colors of my next set of stationary, or fun ideas for my birthday. i also love this one because it has a fabric cover, which makes is super soft and playful.

this is a journal that i made! it took me two hours to make, but it was the most satisfying feeling to have a tangible object in my hands that i made. because this one is so special to me, i haven’t decided what to use it for yet…

these are my decorative journals. i have used each one of these at various jobs. most of them are completely – or almost completely – used up by now. i keep them though because they are still pretty to look at (i know i will be on hoarders one day).

i have to ask – does anyone else use journals the way i do? how do use a journal? do you prefer paper to computers? i’d love to know!



3 responses

  1. Nice journals! I have a 5.5×8.5 spiral bound sketchbook I carry with me everywhere. It’s pretty essential to jot down ideas and images, and it’s way faster than doing anything digitally. Not to mention it helps with drawing skills and penmanship to keep up the practise.

    BTW have you thought of taking a book making class? I’m taking Book Arts this semester and it’s awesome. If you have the time and the money at some point I think you’d really enjoy it. I also have a ton of tutorial sheets I can give you next time we meet up that step by step all the different bindings.

  2. derek! i would totally love to take a book arts class. i have taken the book binding class at paper source and made several other book and album binding kits, but it would be fun to take a more professional level class. i’d love to see your tutorial sheets! oh and we need to come see your new place!!

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