honeymoon attire

how pretty are these dresses for a honeymoon on the beach? i also love this tunic, it seems like it would be so airy and comfortable with shorts.

i think packing for our honeymoon is going to be amazingly simple: i might even challenge myself to take just a backpack! i figure all i need is the following:

-1-2 swimsuits

-a cover up or two

-one cute dress for dinners

-a pair of shorts

-a few tank tops/flowy shirts

-flip flops

-a bag of toiletries (lotion, sunscreen, deodorant, chapstick, facewash – no makeup please)

isn’t that just the best list of things to pack ever? for those of you who don’t know we are going to a small town in Mexico called Tulum, to a little beachside resort called Cabanas La Luna. This is literally the view from the cabana we booked:

no big deal, RIGHT?!?!?

(Photos via Anthropologie, J.Crew and Cabanas La Luna)


2 responses

  1. This view is amazing! I can’t wait to see your pictures upon your return. I highly recommend bringing at least three bathing suits. They take a little longer to dry when it’s humid and putting on damp swimsuits is just icky.

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