yes, we are alive

yes, we haven’t blogged in two weeks

yes, we are slaves to our jobs

yes, we are sad about being so busy

yes, the cats are still divas

YES, we are still going to slo this weekend to look at wedding venues (!!!!!!!!!!)

yes, i’ve been hitting the gym hard to kick-off “operation: get hot”

yes, we’ve stopped making milkshakes four nights a week (ok maybe five)

yes, i plan our honeymoon more than our wedding

yes, we our wedding is STILL 1.5 years away (sigh)

YES, glee is FINALLY back on tonight!!!!

yes, we will be back to our normal blogging schedule

yes, the kardashians have a new show: khloe and lamar

yes, we are still weird/fat/obsessed with cats

yes, we still love you. hope you still love us.




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