don’t judge us

spd 2011 was a major success.

yes, we met up at yancy’s for some guinness, jameson, and hard apple cider.

yes, we wore a lot of green and (most likely) looked/sounded/acted really annoying.

yes, we drank a lot and ate pizza (which was delivered to us IN THE BAR. yes, heaven exists on 9th and irving)

yes, luis busted some moves.

yes, we practiced our new group handshake, the peppermill, based on our favorite hotel in reno (yes, we go to reno – it’s paradise after a week at burning man)

yes, we devoured an entire pizza in under 1o minutes.

yes, i passed out with the shamrock sticker on my face. yes, luis took a photo of it at 7 am this morning. yes, i did a double take in the mirror when i woke up.

and hell yes, it was FUN. i love my green friends!


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