the luckiest day of the year

it’s my favorite GREEN day today 🙂

i brought in green bagels and wore a green shirt. tonight i am meeting friends for green beer and jameson and i seriously cannot wait.

st. patty’s day will always hold a special day in my heart. growing up, my mom made corned beef and cabbage every year without fail. irish soda bread is my love. i look good in green.

i also cherish the holiday thanks to the most epic morning of my life spent at the san luis obispo bars at 6 am on st. patty’s day my senior year of college. i somehow turned in my senior project around 9 am that same morning. it was ridiculous. allie was my partner in crime and we pretty much dominated downtown slo.

a few memories from that 6 am bar crawl on st. patty’s day 3 years ago…

6:00 am – can you tell how tired we were? the first of many green beers that morning!

7:30 am – getting ridiculous and the peak of my energy…

8:45 am – 15 minutes before my senior project was due. #college

miraculously, i turned in my senior project (in full green attire) and got an A and was thus able to graduate.

hooray for st. patty’s day! have a lucky day and some green beer 🙂


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