nerdy cats swag: nike5 gato street

sometimes i get really excited about swag, especially shoes. so when something is particularly tight i’ll post it here

anyway, shoes tend to my favorite accessory because they add the extra flair an outfit needs. lately, nike has been doing a solid job at fulfilling that need in my wardrobe. see exhibit number 1 below, the lunar gato:

nike has just announce its next series of nike5 kicks, the gato street. the name of which is very much appropriate for this blog. gato = cat in español 🙂 i love new series because it give you a range of color options without being as over the top like the lunar gatos.

from the pics i’ve seen, the grey kicks are by far my favorite. so if you are in the market for some new kicks, you can expect these to be available early april.


images via the beautiful gear


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