things are getting out of hand.

um, is this a problem?

this giant pile of bridal mags has somehow appeared on our tabletop just in the last month. they are all gifts from other people, minus one or two that i impulsively bought myself at the check-out line much to luis’s dismay.

today was the first day in weeks that i’ve actually had time to sit down and flip through some of them. the result was about 50 pages of flowers, favors, and food ideas ripped out and strewn about our living room. i realized after going through each one that it seems so easy to get caught up in the madness of wedding/bridezilla details: these magazines tell you how to plan, design and execute EVERYTHING. but who cares about all that little stuff really? luis and i just want people to eat, drink and dance. i’m scared of what might happen if the number of magazines stays at this rate per month…yikes.

of course, i couldn’t catch up on my bridezilla reading without ice cream:

even though our weekend was filled with cookies, cupcakes and a trio dessert platter the night before, somehow i found room for more ice cream.

once luis and i set a date, operation: get hot will commence. i think a solid year will be enough time for me to shed 100 lbs, right?

belle was pretty jelly of my ice cream. i think she wanted some.

such a fattie. empty food bowl = sad kitty.

blargggghh i am so not ready to start this week. i need more time to sleep/eat/read bridal magazines/play with my cats before another 5 days of stress sets in.

thank goodness i have this guy to keep me sane:

oh wait, what a weirdo. i’m marrying this kid??! 😉

shoot gotta run, the kardashians are on! kim is debuting her new single…definitely not gonna miss that. record of the year baby.



One response

  1. So much to say about this post! No, the Bridal mags are not a problem – enjoy them! But they can be ridiculous – I like your eat-drink-dance agenda and as long as everyone is doing those three things and celebrating you, the wedding will be perfect.

    Purely Decadent ice cream = the best

    How did I miss that Kardashian episode??

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