paris: the food

so some of you may already know that i had to spend the night in the ER in paris due to SEVERE food poisoning. i’m talking like, 48 straight hours of vomiting, 104 degree fever, complete dehydration, planning my funeral kinda food poisoning. it was pretty much the worst 48 hours of my life, especially the 7 hours spent in the ER from hell with the nurse from hell.

BUT – before that nightmare began, luis and i enjoyed some of the best food of our lives. i wanted to dedicate a post to all the amazing food we ate in paris, to remind myself of the good times and forget about that horrific salad that almost ended me (yes the food poisoning was from a salad. yes it was dumb of me to try to be healthy in paris. no i will never try to eat something with nutrients again and will stick to the parisian diet of carbs, chocolate and coffee).

first up: the croissant. the very first croissant of our trip.

you can just see the butter glistening. amazing.

next up: our very first baguette. oh heavens. baguettes are the things dreams are made of. why are they so magical? clearly i wanted to rip it’s head off in passion and hunger.

so crusty and delicious. we ate these bad boys all day every day, and they were the only morsels of food i ingested the days following my sickness.

next: the coffee.

here’s a tip. they don’t drink “black” or “drip” coffee in paris. they drink espresso. or cappuccinos. well, that was just fine with us. we drank many a cap while in paris, but THESE cappuccinos, from a cafe right near the eiffel tower, were just life changing. truly life changing. best coffee of both our lives, which is saying something considering my history as a barista and the amazing coffee shops we live near.

just amazing. i mean c’mon, look how happy/excited i am to drink these??? in truth though, the cups were burning my fingers and i was going to kill luis if he took another picture of me holding them.

next on the list: le crepe au chocolat. i could write a whole blog post about chocolate crepes – but authentic french chocolate crepes? that could be a novel. i actually consumed not one, not two, but three chocolate crepes in one day. three whole crepes all to myself. they were beyond. i could actually feel myself gaining 5 lbs. good thing i threw it all up and then some the next day…#silverlinings.

last but not least: the life changing chocolate-almond croissant.

as i took my first bite of this croissant, i actually almost cried. it was freshly baked, with almonds and powered sugar on top. the inside had two layers: an almond filling and just slightly warm, melted chocolate. each bite was heaven. i would pay $1000 just to go back to paris and re-live that croissant. one day i will.

so there is my re-cap of the wonderful food i ate in paris. of course, i also consumed many, MANY other delicacies, such as fine parisian chocolates, croque monsieur, cheesy hot dogs, gyros with french fries, orangina, ice cream, sipping chocolate, savory crepes, etc. looking back, it was probably a good thing that i got food poisoning…;)


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