wokingham – home of the wok

ok, so the small town of wokingham isn’t really the home of the wok, but that’s what luis and i like to say. try saying wokingham in a british accent – it’s pretty much the funnest thing to say ever.

so, it’s already wednesday here. time flies when you’re stranded in the middle of the english countryside…in all seriousness though, it is TOO COLD for me to venture outside of the hotel during the day. no matter how much i bundle, it is freeeeeezing. my wimpy califonia winters did not prepare me for how cold this area is. there is talk of snow in the next few days, which terrifies me. if anything gets in my way of baguettes and chocolate in paris i will just die.

basically my daily routine consists of sleeping until noon, going for a swim in the heated pool, attempting to sit in the sauna/steam room for more than 30 seconds, siting in the bar lounge area eating pita and hummus and coffee, and waiting for luis to get home so we can play (aka go into london and freeze even more). added bonus: the pool/gym in our hotel is the ONLY pool/gym within 20 miles, so my afternoon swims usually include the entire retired community of wokingham, etc, and i am the youngest person there by 40 years (at least). couple that with the fact that the only swimsuit i own is a black and gold studded bikini and you’ve got yourself quite an awkward scenario. but, i’ve made the best of it and even made a few friends in the hot tub – mostly men in their 70’s, but that’s cool.

it’s been a nice few days of serious r and r to say the least.

i did venture into the town of wokingham and saw all of it in about 15 minutes. it’s very small and cute and there are millions of alley ways that look like diagon alley. i almost asked someone where ollivander’s was but then decided against it. i already stuck out like a sore thumb with my timbuk2 bag, fancy camera and apple laptop.

i took a bunch of photos of the cute town, but unfortunately the internet here just won’t let me upload them to the blog. SO – check them out on my facebook page! sorry blog 😦

last night luis and i went into london for the first time!!!!!!! it was GORGEOUS. gorgeous and freezing. we rode the train for an hour into london waterloo station and got off right at the thames river. we immediately saw big ben and parliment and semi-freaked out. at night, without the hoards of people, it was so beautiful. so so beautiful. after walking across the bridge, looking at parliment, big ben and westminster abby (where kate and will are getting hitched!) we sought out food. we found a crowded italian restaurant (i wont lie – english food is bad) and literally ate SO MUCH. after two days of sort of eating and not really ever being full because the food at our hotel is so bad, we made up for lost calories at this place. luis ordered the spaghetti and i ordered the gnocchi. we each ordered a glass of wine and a large appetizer. after consuming all of this, i declared that i was still hungry so we ordered an entire pizza to the horror and disgust of our waiter. he brought the pizza and although we said we would eat part of it and take the rest home, we devoured the whole thing in no time at all. THEN, just when our waiter was going to bring us our bill, i asked him for the desert menu. im pretty sure he was talking major smack about us to his co-workers. “fat americans, all they do is eat!” whatevs. i ordered the chocolate souffle cake and liked the plate clean. it was a good night 🙂

so, check out our wokingham and london photos on facebook! hopefully i’ll get my photo uploader to work…

tonight we are fulfilling luis’s life long dream to see a soc – err – football game. newcastle vs fulham. luis says his goals for tonight are to get drunk, buy a jersey, and get into a fight with an english lad. i’m hoping the last goal doesn’t happen…




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