hello from the UK!

hi friends!!

welp – we made it safe and sound to england 🙂 we’ve been here less than 24 hours and you’ll all be relieved to know that luis and i already  have british accents.

our hotel is about 30 miles from london in the middle of NOWHERE. i really mean it when i say the closest restaurant, cafe, shop, gas station, stoplight, etc is over 2 miles away. we are literally in the english countryside with forest and trees and fields surrounding us. but our hotel is VERY cute and charming. it’s actually a hilton, which is super random..too bad all hiltons aren’t this cute!

our hotel, Hilton St. Anne’s Manor (website photos):

too bad all the grass and trees are dead and covered in ice – but even still it’s a very cute hotel!

last night we made the 2+ mile trek into wokingham – the closest town to our hotel. wokingham is really cute and looks like hogsmeade village in harry potter – lots of narrow, cobblestone paths and alley ways and old buildings and taverns. we had the BEST indian food of our lives at a small indian buffet restaurant and then got some english beers at the local pub. we watched highlights from a cricket game (such an intense game!) and marveled at the fact that there was a condom dispenser in the women’s bathroom…love it.

right now the time difference is killing me – i want so badly to go to sleep but it’s noon here!

i am going to explore some more of wokingham today and take lots of pictures and pretend i’m a wizard. i’m also going to try and survive this freezing weather by wearing all 6 scarves that i brought. ugh i’m such a california girl…

some more highlights of the past 24 hours:

-they served us marmite at breakfast (if you don’t know what this is, consider yourself lucky)

-there are elton john tribute bands everywhere

-our cabbie asked us about the govenator

-shortbread was waiting for us in the hotel room

-$25 burgers and $6 water bottles…oh wait…not a highlight

-they call sandwiches “breads with filling” – weird?!

off to explore/try to stay awake/keep from freezing in the town of wokingham! photos coming soon!


2 responses

  1. So glad you guys made it safely and are enjoying all that the area has to offer. Keep updating your blog, can’t wait to hear about more adventures! xoxo

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