definition of a hot mess

hi folks!

it has been far too long since we blogged. you’re probably wondering where we’ve been?

well – i have answers for you.

luis and i were in dc last weekend, but besides that, we’ve just been a pair of hot messes.

we have both been sick – like, really sick – and therefore we have had no desire/energy to do anything. our lives have consisted of the following for the past three weeks:

-nyquil, codeine cough syrup, dayquil, advil cold and sinus, tylenol cold and sinus, vapor rub, theraflu day and night, countless cough drops and ten boxes of tissue has covered (literally covered) our entire apartment

-going to bed prior to 9 pm every night

-toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner

-the urge to do nothing that requires more movement or energy than lifting the remote

-the urge to blog about what hot messes we are but then being too embarrassed/tired to do so

EW. i’m so glad we are 90% better and on our way to being 100%. i swear to god, we had to have reached our sick quota for the year…

in OTHER much better news, luis and i are leaving for EUROPE.ON.SATURDAY. yes, you read that correctly. we leave for two weeks for europe THIS saturday, 1/29!!!!!  we are so excited, it’s ridiculous.

for the first week, we will be in bracknell, uk, where HP is located so luis can work. then the second week we will be in paris literally staying 50 meters from the notre dame. what a hard life.

if you’re curious what i’ll be doing while luis is working the first week, expect a lot of sleeping in till noon, sitting in the hot tub and watching british sitcoms in bed. i plan to do a whole lot of nothing, considering it’s going to be 30 degrees and raining in the small town of bracknell. don’t worry, i’ll venture out to take some photos/eat/buy expensive shit at harrod’s while we’re in london. but otherwise i’ll be sleeping.

once we’re in paris, i plan on doing nothing except consuming my body weight in the four main food groups: butter, chocolate, wine and bread. i’ll keep you guys updated on how many jean sizes i go up after 5 days…

so – that is where we have been. we’ve been hot messes. and now you know where we are going! i will be keeping our blog more up to date while we are abroad so that you can be sure to live vicariously through our travels…;)

see you in europe!


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