things that are coming…

1. i love planning my our wedding that is 20 months away.

2. i love and hate that our wedding is 20 months away. that’s a lot of months.

3. our wedding is not planned. i am just insane.

4. currently, our cats hate each other. more of that to come…

5. we are going on two LARGE trips in the next month. i’m already exhausted thinking about the 30+ hours of traveling they will entail…

6. one of the trips involves giant cupcakes, ms. allie and large white monuments where people like obama live.

7. the other trip involves things like accents and butter and coffee and cheese and words like “bonjour”

8. NYE in slo was amazing. insane and amazing. amazing because i saw all my girlies for three whole days. insane because we watched 10+ episodes of say yes to the dress back to back on saturday and didn’t change out of our PJs – ALL DAY.

9. we also ate brownies with reese’s ice cream and clanked our bowls together in celebration to toast our fat/laziness. this deserved it’s own number.

10. luis and i are engaged. it’s still just hitting me. i want to cry and laugh and smile all at the same time. i love him.

more is coming. i promise. it’s been a crazy two weeks! now go read the oatmeal.



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