yep. that just happened.

we are ENGAGED people!!!!!! i still cannot believe it. i don’t think it will hit me until i buy my first bridal magazine with a pint of ice cream…although maybe sans the pint of ice cream.

luis proposed to me on chrismas eve morning. it was just him and i in our little apartment, opening our gifts to each other. he was on the ground petting one of the cats and said he had one more gift for me. i opened an empty cell phone box that he had wrapped nicely and had been sitting under the tree for days, and he said that had been a decoy. then he pulled out a smaller box from behind the couch, and i realized he was on the ground on one knee (no longer petting the cat). then he went into all the cheesy lovey talk and i said “i’m going to kill you” over and over from pure shock. finally i grabbed the ring and said YES. obvi. he’s my fav 🙂

my beautiful ring:

it’s a grey-hued raw diamond, 2.5 carats, from Melissa Joy Manning in Oakland (

i am so in love with my ring.

it’s just perfect.

now who wants to celebrate???


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