good weekend.

there is totally lightening outside our apartment window right now. this totally freaks me out; luis likes it. we are watching elf and contemplating some hot cocoa. i love sunday nights like this, especially since in 6 days we will be ripping open PRESENTS. yessssssssssss.

i am still recovering from a FULL day of christmas shopping in union square. ugh. large crowds + rain + 7 shopping bags = tired rach. but at least i’m 99% done….thank god.

this weekend was good! we started friday night with a few parties and met up with some friends after for late night drinks and dinner.

cute friends:

belle had fun chillin with us too:

fat cat:

saturday we hung out with the fam. my mom pulled out a bunch of reindeer antlers for us to wear and spiked our cider. ryan was home and we ordered chinese. it was a great night. we also decorated the huge tree and took our annual family christmas photo.

after numerous painful attempts, a winner was chosen:

runner up:

(note the reindeer antlers my mom made the girls wear. sheesh.)

ollie was not amused with his choice of outfit either:

what a puppy face. i love him.

this is my brother ryan and his girlfriend kelsey. we were all happy to see ryan – he’s been gone at school since summer and now he’s home and we have him all to ourselves to torture. muhahaha.

we really like kelsey. she is just as kind and sweet as she is cute and adorable.

not quite sure how she stays sane around our family. we are pretty crazy. clearly she’s a keeper 😉

some more fun scenes from this weekend include…

my pretty, silly mama:

luis and my mom doing god knows what:

luis and my dad drinking scotch and cider:

check out the festive bell around luis’s neck. ya, he wore that all night. we always knew where he was. maybe i should make him wear it more often…??

this is my other brother jason:

he’s really cute 🙂 he also lets me take strange photos of him. this angle is the result of him being approx. 6 inches taller than my head.

the family TREE in full affect after decorating it with about 89 ornaments:

clearly it was a great night. loud, crazy and full of food. just the way it should be.

i think luis has the hot cocoa ready. time to wrap some more gifts and try to ignore the flashing bolts of light outside our apartment window…



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