i lurv cmputer @ home.


sometimes during the week i get to work from home. this perk comes in handy when you decide to go the midnight premiere of a very awesome movie and/or when some KITTIES decide to not let you sleep.

usually those kits decide to be your alarm clock that goes off at 12, 2, and 5 am. their only snooze button though is food in their bowl. after i concede to their demands, i finally get up and start my day with the computer. i’m always a little bitter for not getting that extra bit of sleep and don’t want to hang out with the cats. like clockwork though ms. pig usually approaches me with this face…

this only means one thing… give me LURV!!!

of course i comply since she is the biggest diva in the house. i do it mostly because i know i will eventually see something like this…

usually i try to get in on the action when this situation occurs but i normally fail. i think its because my pj and snuggie attire is not chic enough for belle and pig’s cuteness standards.

its not that bad though and these kinds of things keep me sane on days when my brain is supposed to start functioning before the sun comes out. alright well i better keep computering now 🙂



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