christmas is my favorite holiday. i know i say that every holiday is my favorite holiday, but if i really did have to pick, it would be christmas. halloween is a CLOSE second though…

this year though, i’ve been feeling sort of grinchy. i have been doing lots of fun-filled holiday-ish things, but the overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness that comes along with christmas just hasn’t hit me that hard yet this year.


so far, i’ve done a lot of crafty things to get me in the mood for the holidays (and save some $$$). luis and i made all our own christmas cards, gift wrap, gift tags, some gifts and a holiday wreath.

our wreath:

we even took family holiday photos this year in our snuggies, which was AMAZING.

one of my favs:

and of course i threw the amazing cookie exchange.

maybe i’ve been sort of grinchy this year because i haven’t bought all my gifts yet. i also haven’t seen my family much and my yearly dose of spiked cider, sugar cookies, sweat pants, hot cocoa, high school reunions and family drama has been at a minimum so far.

but, my mood has started to change. today at work we are spending the latter half of our day volunteering around town today at work, so i’m sure that’ll get me in the spirit. i have volunteered to paint a homeless shelter, and couldn’t be more excited. i love getting messy and wearing old clothes – fancy clothes are not ma thang. this is how i got to dress for work today:

CASUAL (happy) RACH:

my grinch face for good measure:

ok, admittedly that is a weak grinch face. but i am still at work afterall. i would really scare everyone around me if i pulled out a real grinch face. but i do wish i could dress like this everyday.

oh, and last night was the big gift exchange with my friends. i have the best friends in the world – have i mentioned that? i got handmade earrings, a box of my favorite tea, two beautiful serving plates and a cute little bowl, silicon baking cups, and a plethora of grinchy stickers, lanyards and ornaments! it was amazing!

and my favorite gift of all….ms. liz gave me a mug with THIS image on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that mug will be cherished for all time.  no mug will ever again compare.

so my grinchyness is starting to go away. i have a lot of great things going on this year! plus, i am finally free of my cold, i am able to run again, and things at work are starting to slow down (it stresses me out to say that for fear that i will JINX it). i’ve also been able to give back by volunteering today and donating a sweet little coat to a sweet little girl in the adopt-a-family program. i highly encourage you all to do the same – just google adopt-a-family in your town! so easy. grinchy? i think not.

so the moral of the story is – don’t be like this:

be like pig and belle and spread the love:

happy grinchmas!


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