my morning guest

i had quite the exciting morning today.

usually, on tuesdays and thursdays, luis works from home. and while i’m rushing to get out the door by 8:30, he’s curled up in a snuggie, headphones on, sipping a warm, delicious mocha from blue bottle downstairs.

this is basically the bane of my existence. i wish i could spend my mornings like that; i am always jealous.

but this morning, i actually had a couple extra minutes to spare, and without hesitation, luis offered to buy me – ME – a coffee from blue bottle.

of course i accepted. to deny would be criminal. we came in right during a lull in the usually never-ending line and got our drinks quickly. i, of course, got a mocha. it is thursday after all.

luis walked me to the corner – also exciting – and wished me a good day and off i went with my cup in hand. it was COLD this morning in SF, so my cup kept my hands nice and toasty during my walk to bart.

i never have any guests accompany me on my commute to work, so it was nice having the BB cup with me. it felt like i had a special treat all morning. my cup made it the whole way to the office. it was gone by the time i finally sat down.

my cup saw a lot of things on my way to work this morning. first, it sat with me on bart:

then it came out of bart with me:

then it traveled along the red brick road:

i continually enjoyed my cup as i walked:

then we walked by my new favorite dim sum restaurant:

we walked by some cute holiday decorations:

my cup then dominated the only starbucks on the block:

finally, we made it. my cup got to see my building:

and my cup got settled at my desk:

and then the cup got thrown into the trash because it was empty.

it was a fun morning with my blue bottle coffee! it was a real treat, and made for a much more exciting morning. excited for tomorrow…it’s almost friday!

p.s. yes, i did look like a freak taking photos of my cup in front of things. whatev.


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