jobs. life. etc.

so. question: should i know what to do with my life at 24?

luis has a CAREER. he is happy and thriving as an engineer. he’s also cute.

what the heck am i doing? my job situation is confusing at the moment. not sure what i’m doing or where it’s going or why. can’t my job just be to go back to college and pretend i’m still 21?

i miss college so much. but when i really think about it, it’s my friends and SLO that i miss mainly.

luis and allie before we were dating (can you guess why??)

an OLDIE (circa 2005)

one of my favorite places in SLO (gosh i miss it)

and of course, who doesn’t miss nights like this:

or nights that end like THIS:

plus, we left behind some pretty important people in SLO:

c’est la vie. growing up isn’t all that’s it’s cracked up to be. but, there are some perks to being in “the real world” and no longer in school. for one, there is no homework. secondly, we can eat and drink as much as we want…oh wait…we make $$$ to buy nice things for ourselves, like our gas bill and internet bill and school debt payments and…yeah.

oh well. 24 isn’t so bad. we’ll figure our sh*t out soon enough.

time to snuggle with the baby kits!


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