listening to the Glee soundtrack has to be my favorite thing ever right now. nerdy? you betcha.

luis is currently on the floor surrounding my paints, brushed, canvas, pens, etc. he is so artsy. i am more crafty. we both made a christmas wreath this year that i was pretty dang proud of.

so this past friday, i hosted a cookie exchange. yes, it was amazing. yes, my pants no longer fit as we have eaten nothing but left over cookies for 5 days straight.

this was the scene the night before:

as you can see in the right hand corner, there is a large black glob of darkness. that was my attempt at toffee brittle.

obviously i was thrilled with the results

but toffee sludge aside, it was a great success.

when it was over, luis and i were literally left with 50+ cookies. you’d think maybe we would give more away to our neighbors or the homeless men that sleep outside our building…but no. we ate them. all.

breakfast of champs baby! blue bottle + cookies + sunday morning + volcom shirt from the 7th grade = perfection.

time for a run!


4 responses

  1. I %% Nerdy Cats!!! Preach on sista, I miss college too, but I also miss my 20’s, I miss my first job, miss how my body bounced back from injuries…. I miss a lot of things. That is how nostalgia works. Hang on to those happy memories, but there are way more to come! I also ❤ those cookies that Shelly took home YUM!!!

  2. I am so bummed that I missed the cookie exchange!!! Although Alex and I did well in the while elephant exchange and his work party. 🙂

    BTW did you know it’s snowing on your blog?

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