happy times

yowza – how has it been a month since i last blogged?

so much has been happening – just life, you know. every single weekend has been busy since mid-april. all good things though, like trips to visit friends, birthdays (mine included!), working a lot (in a good way), days spent at the park/in the sun, etc. the weather in san francisco has made it impossible to stay inside and sit on a computer, and YOLO, so yeah…(i say yolo all the time now btw, purely to be annoying).

but today i have the day off with no errands to run and no plans before another busy week ahead, so i figured i should blast some alan jackson and do real adult things – like put away my laundry and write emails and check my bank account (i regret doing that…)

but here are some photos of what’s been going on lately!

if there is a prettier city than sf, i haven’t found it yet.

trent and shelly’s AMAZING mini-biergarten in their backyard!

lazy cats. they’ve been shielding the bring sun each morning.

a new stamp i carved and stationary.

my weeknight letterpress class. so. much. fun.

spring tulips! they look so happy, right??

pancakes during the week and coffee in my peeta mug. bliss.

my crazy, fun, ridiculous stamp carving class that left the biggest, craziest, most ridiculous mess.

and me today, happy. (sorry, shameless self-portrait).



Spring Fun

easter eggs

new pencils – perfect for spring

green glass hen

sunglasses and a tank top!

pink tulips

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

easter treat bags

i love spring 🙂



my birthday is coming up this month (i cannot believe it’s already april!!) so i thought i’d share what’s on my current (and on-going) wish list. i always have a long list of fun spring/summer things that i want for myself and my apartment around this time of year:

an heirloom seed kit. one day, i will have a yard with a garden.

an adorable sunglasses holder. my sunglasses always roll around in my purse, so this would be useful.

who wouldn’t want a candle that smelled like the sea? oh my gosh i would light this every day.

i think this book looks wonderful and so inspiring.

i love lavender and i love baths.

i have been wanting this lip balm forever!! it makes your lips so soft and adds just a touch of color.

a hunger games coffee mug where flames appear when you add hot liquid. i mean…let’s be real.

what’s on your spring wish-list?


luis the artist

did you know that luis can draw? he is a very talented artist, although he would never be the first to admit it. he’s made me so many beautiful pieces of art over the years, and given me countless sketches that he made on napkins, scrap paper and post-its as little love notes.

on monday night, we were sitting around toggling between my strange addiction and 16 and pregnant (now that the bachelor is over, we have nothing to do on monday nights), and luis picked up the ipad and started to sketch with a stylus. the cats are divas and demand portraits of themselves nightly, so luis did just that.

inbread cats. this cracks me up everytime.

If I was in the arena, I would want my sponsors to send me a croissant” – Luis

spring nail colors

i figured since it’s monday we should talk about something really serious and important. like nail polish.

even though i rarely paint my nails, i just love nail polish. i save painting my nails and getting a mani/pedi for special occasions, which makes it that much more exciting. i instantly feel pretty and flirty with painted nails.

while i love bright glitter colors and deep burgundy and black, i am helpless when it comes to pastels. i bought three pastel colors for my wedding alone, and have been seeing so many pretty girls at work with gorgeous pastel hues on their nails.

essie’s new spring 2012 line couldn’t make me happier. these are some of my faves that i am dying to get my hands on:

how gorgeous is this chartreuse color?

this reminds me of an orange creamcicle!

cherry-orange. so pretty.

(images via Lucky and Essie)